About Nomi Dining Bar

It’s sake time! Discover the wonders of sake at NOMI Dining Bar.

Nomi Dining Bar by Nozomi features a collection of artisanal sakes from small and private breweries across Japan. With over 300 sake labels available on its list, including seasonal and special sake offerings, fresh sake on tap, and over 80 different sake’s available by the glass, there is definitely something for every one, from sake starter to savant.

To uphold its commitment to providing a better appreciation for sake, Nomi Dining Bar by Nozomi will also be conducting Sake Masterclasses and Pairing Meals guided by none other than Group Sake Sommelier Jack Lau, who has earned the titles of Certified Sake Sommelier (SSA), International Kikisake-Shi (SSI), and Sake Scholar (SSC). Things to look forward to include our monthly sake tastings, held every 3rd Sunday of the month.

What is an izakaya without stellar food? Nomi Dining Bar by Nozomi’s answer is Chef Jing Chen, long-time Sous Chef of YOSHI RESTAURANT, who started his career with the now defunct yakitori establishment Torisho Taka by Aoki. With his varied experience and knowledge behind him, Chef Jing delivers a unique approach to izakaya cuisine with a knack for showcasing the flavors of his ingredients and a strong focus on the charcoal grill.